WWE Network Review: Subscription Really Worth It or Not?

While there’s no definite answer to if WWE Network is worth it or not, here are objective reviews and opinions of WWE and their online streaming service.

Although ultimately the best way to find out is to “open a free account here“.

These will be worth a read though!

WWE Network

WWE Network is an OTT streaming service owned by WWE launched in 2014. It consists of a 24-hour streaming channel as well as on-demand programming.

Here’s some valuable opinions on the pros and cons!

Have been a Pro Wrestling fan since the 1950’s, so I have seen most of the old timers all the way to today’s WWE and AEW superstars. I have NEVER bought a PPV because of the ridiculous costs! WWE Network seems like a logical step; the audition subscription looks like a great idea. I have seen clips from things like Ride Along that are side breaking funny, so I might try to do it. — Norm

Got the Channel and use it mostly watching non televised events like 205 live, NXT & NXT UK as well as the PPVs. (Mostly because I have to work on those days.) My only drawback if the it doesn’t cycle from program to program according to what is on their schedule of programing. If I’m watching 3 weeks worth of 205 (because I had to work OT for two weeks,) it will go from the 1st week to the 2nd to the 3rd easily with no problem. But I’m watching NXT “live” on a Wednesday it won’t go to the program that is scheduled to show next. All in all not a bad deal for 10.00 bucks a month. — Wanda

One big drawback. We cannot access Raw and Smackdown shows on wwe network up until 2 to 3 weeks. — Ali

Ok so I’ve been a HARDCORE wrestling fan my whole life, 40 years. That being said, the network is great. I watch it almost everyday and if only for PPV and NXT it’s worth it. No more 30$ 50$ a month crap. That alone will keep WWE on top. AEW or anyone will have their work cut out for them to compete with it. I wanted to order double or nothing but when I saw 50$ I just waited a week and watched it online free. I’ll never go back to that again and no one loves wrestling more than I do. — Steven

Just not that big of a fan any more. The shows just really aren’t that good any more. They have piss poor story lines. They hardly ever let talent thrive. What ever happened to doing great interviews? Like Mean Gene Oakerland. They rarely let talent expand on thier talent or their story lines. They do not give them any kind of story control. It is so scripted, and it shows. You know like Rick Flair was heel his entire career. And people loved it. Sting was always the good guy. Harely Race, Jerry the King Lawler, Jimmy Snooka, Bret Hart, Owne Hart, the Von Eric’s, the Freebirds, the Steiner’s, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Jake the Snake Roberts, Shawn Michael’s, Triple H, Steve Austin, and the list goes on. Those were GREAT talents. What happened was Vince just gobbled up ALL the competition. That stifled growth. Then he took away any creative control away from the wrestlers themselves. Now wrestlers really have nowhere to go other than to WWE to make any money, for them to grow creatively. Vin McMahon has stifled and ruined the industry. He’s a brilliant businessman, do doubt about that. He just became to greedy. And it shows. Yes, ratings are still pretty good, but for how much longer. What the industry needs is for Vince to let other Wrestling companies thrive. To help drive creativity. Give his own roster some room to thrive on their own. Let them have much more say in thier characters and their stories. Bring back great announcers. Man do I miss folks like JR. Bring back some great ring announcers and interviewers like Mean Gene. I grew up watching wrestling on a local level. There were so many wrestling companies out there. They had a local wrestling companies like World Class Championship Wrestling. That was my local one. Where wrestlers started out and built thier characters. Then they went on to larger companies, which was fine because they always had more wrestlers waiting in the wings. Or they just stayed local/regional. My suggestion is that Vince stops stifling other companies and let them flourish. Because in doing the competition will grow creativity and greater and larger talent. Just the two cents from a guy who has gotten fed up WWE. — Martin

I have it and enjoy watching the AWA & all the other old wrestling companies I remember! That alone is worth the cost! — Brian

It’s worth it,if you like wrestling. It not just pay-per-views, they have shows and specials about old and current wrestlers. — Nathan

Yeah totally find it worth it. PPV alone makes it worth it but if you’re at all into wwe behind the scenes content there’s some really good stuff on there. — Jeff

Not really, I had it for 3 years and was disappointed everytime a ppv came on the screen would freeze and I’d have to start it again. All because one of those clowns forgot the script. — Darrell

It’s worth it for the libraries alone! Mid Atlantic, Mid South, World Class! — Kevin

I agree totally worth it — Adam

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