YouTube Support: How to Contact Quality YouTube Customer Care

YouTube’s famous slogan “broadcast yourself” could also be applied to their customer support as it seems that it’s hard to get any advanced help to problems.

Unless you are looking for capped answers to common questions, I’ve had nothing but a hard time trying to reach a helpful human being at the firm.

Here’s a method I’ve found for real high quality YouTube customer care.

Those looking for a peace of mind should benefit from this.

YouTube Help

How to get high quality YouTube Support?

Obviously YouTube has chosen the easy way out to optimizing their customer care and profits along with it. This is despite the fact that many people from video creators to viewers are in desperate need for expert help.

And especially the kind that requires a person to actually look into your individual problem without categorizing you into a so called “support funnel”.

But I’ve found that it’s possible to get this level of support with a;

  1. Real human being who cares.
  2. Is an expert on all things YouTube.
  3. Listens to your problem to help you out in the best way possible.

You can “use this link” to send in your question to Justanswer.

It’s well worth it for advanced questions that need personalized support in my experience. If you have a common question, I’d recommend first checking out their Help Center for answers.

There are actually loads of well written articles with step-by-step instructions on how to do stuff and get common problems solved, it’s just that when it’s time to contact them for a specific problem… good luck!

Problem with YouTube’s help?

As you know it’s massive company with a massive user base, thus any decision to help or not help their customers is going to have a big impact on everything including profits.

So that’s why they are very careful about the level and type of customer support they are willing to provide. While it’s understandable that they are not going to chat one on one about optimizing your YouTube channel and editing videos, etc. I think they could do better than they currently are.

This alternative to customer care has provided just that which has been a blessing in times of distress and just no interest in spending the whole day doing research, etc.

So I’m not pointing the finger here, just pointing out some realities. And I don’t buy the “but the service is free” stuff either, they are making massive profits and could provide better support.

Hope this helps content creators and ordinary users alike.

What is your take on YouTube’s customer service?
I’d love to hear you experience on their support below.

And thanks for taking your time to visit my humble blog, David.

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