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ExpressVPN 30 DAYS FREE + 35% Off Discount Coupon!

ExpressVPN is my personal favorite. I travel a lot, which is why 97+ VPN locations under one account is very useful. Also I do a lot of downloading, and I can always get the best speeds in any country without transfer limits.

I’m privileged to offer 30 days free and up to 35% Off. The discount coupon code is automatically activated only by using the link below.

Verified working October 2016.

Referred to ExpressVPN 30 Free Days

Make sure, that you can see the above message after clicking on the link!

The other thing I love about ExpressVPN is the good level of privacy. Most importantly, they don’t keep any traffic logs. Also the IP addresses are shared, so it’s really hard to trace back to you. And the IPs change frequently to prevent over use, and blacklisting. The host names vary as well, so that no one could even begin to guess you are behind a virtual machine.

ExpressVPN Plans Money Back Guarantee

You can save an additional discount of 35% off if you subscribe to the twelve month plan. On your checkout look for the text: “BONUS: We’ll add 30 free days because you used a referral link.” and you are good to go..!

PS. To make things clear, there is not actually any coupon codes available for ExpressVPN. These guys have their own way. But my referral link is the real deal so don’t forget to tell your friends about it before they register. Not just for my benefit, but not using it would be just plain silly.. 🙂


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  1. Hi David, what is your email? I accidentally already signed up without your link so now I have to put your email in to get the 30 days free.

  2. Please give me u email for ExpressVPN i dint click the link just registered at Official website… need u email for free 30 days bro

    • ExpressVPN doesn’t use any actual coupon codes. The link that’s on top of this page activates the one month free offer. The “Save 35%” offer is activated automatically if you purchase a 12 month subscription. Thanks.

    • Hi there! If the link doesn’t work for you – please try to use a different browser to open it! I can guarantee you that the link is working 100%. If it still doesn’t show up the “30 days free” text on top after clicking on it, please get in touch with me and I will help you out.

      If you already registered without using the offer, I can send you the email.

  3. Awesome! The one month free offer is the best discount I’ve found. And btw. do you know if Express VPN does Black Friday promotions? Many thanks..

    • The answer to your question is no. As far as I know — ExpressVPN has never had Black Friday/Cyber Monday promos. And you will find the usual lot claiming a 35% OFF which is just the regular 12month plan “promo code”. But of course you can never know if they decide to join in on the shopping madness fun for this year. But it is definitely unlikely and most probably not worth the wait. Thanks for asking Antonio!