Real HideMyAss Discount Guide — Coupon Codes are Fake!

Looking for discount coupon codes for HideMyAss VPN Service, I discovered that all of them are just fake. In fact, HMA doesn’t even use any codes! I was just taken to the front page through their links with no gain, whatsoever.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a discount from them, – I got my own VPN subscription for $4.99 a month which was good enough for me.

Keep on reading for detailed instructions..

HideMyAss VPN Special Promo Discount

Their way of doing business is quite straight forward, and seems it has stayed so for a long time. Judging from their success, it is working for them. Service is what really matters of course..

I have outlined the most important basics here..

How the Discount System Works:

  • They change special promo campaigns depending on season.
  • Sometimes the best promotion is right on their front page. No links needed!
  • There is also a “Sales Special” link that takes you directly to their best, current promotion.
  • Sometimes going through the link can give you a better discount than on the front page. You can see the Sales Special Link for more info.
  • If they don’t have an active promotion at the time, check the page again in some days. Fortunately the campaigns are quite frequent.
  • HMA said that they do not and never will use any coupon codes!

Please note: Good luck trying to grab your discount. Even though their VPN service has been just awesome, I think it would be stupid to pay full price. With servers in over 190 countries, and the most IP rich VPN service to date.. HideMyAss is definitely worth the wait.

Hope this helps to clear things up!

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