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eBay.de Germany Site Version in English! — The Easy Guide

I often put my faith on quality German products. But I also love to research for competitive prices and all the possible makers. And there’s a lot of choice here. After the introduction of eBay Germany at eBay.de it has never been easier.

Now in 2024, here’s how in English!

Click here for eBay.de

Tip! The range of goods is different in each eBay store. This depends on the country of delivery. For outside of Germany, please click here to see international delivery options.

Shopping eBay DE Germany in English

eBay Germany

The domination of eBay obviously has settled in. And Germany is one of the countries that has most welcomed the online auction giant. In 2014 alone, the German version of eBay generated 2.63 billion US dollars in revenue. And interesting enough, it’s a hugely popular place to buy German car parts.

It’s also one of the biggest biggest online shopping platforms in the country, together with Amazon Germany of course. What I like to do, is to compare price and the product range between the two which is great for nitpickers like myself. In most common cases, it is very rare or just not worth the trouble to look anywhere else.

German eBay in English Language

Unfortunately, only the help pages are available in English on eBay.de but that shouldn’t stop you. Either make your purchases at the nearest English language eBay or, simply have it automatically translated into English. Just follow these steps.

Mozilla Firefox

I personally use Firefox and did quite some research on the translating add-ons. There is a lot to choose from, but the best is S3.Google Translator which makes the process completely automatic after a quick install. See the icon in the corner for all the necessary settings.

Google Chrome

If you prefer Chrome you don’t need to even install anything. Just set the default language of the browser to English, or anything else than German. This will automatically display the translation bar where you can get the translation done.

Для русскоговорящих посетителей, пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что лучший способ покупать продукцию немецких продавцов eBay прямо через веб-сайт eBay.de. Мы рекомендуем Google Chrome веб-браузер, чтобы перевести сайт на русский язык.

Questions below are most welcome, always glad to help!

24 thoughts on “eBay.de Germany Site Version in English! — The Easy Guide”

  1. Chrome/Google Translate isn’t working properly for me. It translates some of the ebay text at the beginning of the item listing page, but when I scroll down to the item description, nothing is translated there.

    • Thank you for pointing out this problem – looks like eBay has started using iframes, which cannot be automatically translated with Chrome.

      Here’s a what you can do for now.

      1. Grab ‘open frame‘ from the Chrome Web Store and when you see the bit that doesn’t translate – click on the right mouse button and select ‘open frame in new tab‘. This will translate normally.

      2. Use Firefox which has the right click option ready installed.

  2. Does anyone know how to change a language on ebay.de platform to English? What previous Anonymous wrote is applied for search and for buyers. I need info for sellers.


    • To change the actual language of the seller platform, not possible AFAIK. Automatic translation software is your friend — e.g. Chrome. Thanks!

    • I would recommend Chrome for the easiest solution. But if you are on Firefox — please, open the link provided above for ‘S3.Google Translator’ and choose the green ‘Add to Firefox’ button to easily install the add-on. A browser re-start is required.

      Then look for the newly added icon at the top right corner — there you can enable the automatic translation of ebay.de. (screenshots below..).

      If you can’t find the icon — make sure ‘S3.Google Translator’ is enabled in the ‘tools -> add-ons‘ section. For the bits that don’t translate, please see my previous comment above. Thanks and please let me know if you have further issues.

  3. Is there a way without letting google access to my system?
    google is one of the most invasive internet companies. No way will I let them install crap on my system. Even if it means not getting access to other countries ebay sites. thanks

    • I wouldn’t use Chrome either, but using the Firefox plugin is a little less invasive as it only uses the Google Translate service to fetch the translations. Perhaps the best alternative in terms of high quality translations is to utilize Microsoft’s Bing Translator. It’s the lesser of two evils at least. But I’m not aware of good browser add-ons that use Bing, only S3.Google Translator has been satisfactory so far.

      But perhaps there are new alternatives I don’t know about, or have you tested Microsoft Edge translation features?

      Thanks for the excellent question. If good Google alternatives arise, I will certainly update accordingly. Please, let me know if you find something!

    • Out of interested I decided to try out the new translator extension for MS Edge and it has been working well with some of the functionality better than Chrome, or the Firefox add-on. The dictionary software, also used by Bing Translator is known to be highly developed and is the biggest Google competitor.

      Here’s my write-up on Microsoft Translator for Edge.

      PS: This also solves the problem with iframes not being translated because you can easily highlight text within pages and translated with a right click

  4. Am happy to look up at German site but at d same it’s so unfortunate b’cos of language barrier .. searching for an Air flow meter with reasonable price n functional… Wish u cld help.. tq

  5. I made simple website @ germanbay.com, just click “Translate Ebay” and you will be redirected to Ebay in translated in English 🙂 Your welcome.


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