French in English! — The Easy Shopping Guide

I’ve found the French store a very useful place to shop online when in France, or even abroad for making purchases I cannot make anywhere else. Thankfully, now I can browse the website almost completely in English in 2024.

Click here for in English France English

With affordable international shipping, a wide collection of English language books and just about anything ‘entre ciel et terre’. You would think that the French Amazon has better support for the English language.

However depending on your browser, this should not be a problem at all. All one needs is to transform this familiar looking page for example.

Into a translated English version.

The tools needed, really depend on the type of web browser you are using. The essential feature is that the pages are translated live, without interrupting the browsing experience. Which is why most add-ons are not suitable for this purpose.

Google Chrome Instructions

You are in luck. The Google Chrome browser is an easy way to translate a web page with a click of a button. This feature is ready installed, and should suggest to translate pages that are different than your set, native language.

Like demonstrated on their website above.

Mozilla Firefox Instructions

My second favourite, a simple installation of the, “S3.Google Translator” extension. Which when turned on, will show a small icon on the top right corner of the browser. There you can set to “Automatically translate”.

If you ever need help, there is an English language help section to guide you through the steps of ordering from Amazon France. Also, they have helpful English Speaking help desk staff ready to serve you, so I wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

About Amazon France

The site opened its virtual doors in August 2000. Amazon is doing its utmost to fulfill its mission, to put its customers at the heart of its concerns. At any time, they can find what they want to buy online and make many discoveries.

If we keep to the audiences published quarterly in the framework of the Internet Usage Observatory of Mediametrie, spread over the year 2016, Amazon brings together on average 15.8 million French Internet users each month. And as such, this e-merchant is, indeed, first in the sector. With an average of 11 million visitors each month on its platform, Cdiscount thus achieves second place.

Amazon’s progression in recent years has been dazzling. According to estimates by Morgan Stanley, Amazon’s sales in France reached 4.4 billion euros in 2016, in addition to marketplace activity, which represents an overall business volume of about 8 billion euros. And figures are expected to rise in the following years.

Thanks for reading and all..
questions, comments on French Amazon are welcome!

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  1. Dear Sirs
    Is it possible to order GE refrigerator replacing parts thru’ your address in France! our part # are in Amazone USA
    Thanks & rgds

    • It should be possible through, just navigate through the order process with your French address and it will tell you if they support international shipping or not. Thanks for asking.

  2. I have bought a book for my kindle and it hasn’t been received onto my kindle why is this also I can’t speak to anyone for help. My order was placed yesterday it is here be dragons by Sharon Penman I am annoyed about it because I ordered it on the french Amazon on my PC and with no help on this matter. Many thanks
    PS I wanted to get this on the english site but was put straight onto the french one and as I say this book isn’t on my kindle so where is it. Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth. I believe that you need to setup your Kindle device again for if you normally use it on any of the English stores (.com,, .ca). You could check how to do that on the English site, and try to mimic the same together with translation software. You can also contact the support staff in English.

  3. On december 3, 2015, I (Osias Wilenski) bought from amazon fr. the film of Wim Wenders “Jusqu´au bout du monde” It was supposed to arrive to my home about 12/15 of december. As of today (20/02/16) it has not arrived. I have ordered many films from your company, and they´ve always been on time, I wonder what happened to this one.
    I´m willing to buy it again but I think the fair thing is that a replacement copy should be send to me-
    Tank you.

    • Hi Osias. Sorry to hear about that. You can contact the English language support by going to “Aide” in the top, and then “Besoin d’aide supplémentaire” at the bottom of that page, you should now see the link for “Help in English”. They should be able to assist you there. Hope it helps, thanks for asking.

  4. I bought a camera which is unusable in Denmark where I live
    the camera was bought at,uk but sent from France. I can
    read the french address as it is covered by tape. The camera does not
    work in Denmark. So where shall I return it to.

  5. Hello I ordered some product from it was suppose to be delivered yesterday but I still cannot get it, and no email messages, why?

    • Sure. The account works on both stores, so you can simply login to the French one with your UK login details. Then proceed to order to your new address.

    • Hello. Simply head on to the returns center and follow the simple instructions. In French it’s ‘service de retours‘. The address is ‘‘.

    • The French Amazon store is only available online. There is no physical address to go to if I understood your question correctly. Thanks.

  6. dear sir,
    I would like to order a complete set of;
    1. 12 tasks of asterix complete set with calendar 2-17 – Euro 150.00
    2. the anniversary edition of 12 task of asterix – Euro 11.95
    total ————– – Euro 161.95
    plus shipping and handling _______________________???

    • To find out the shipping and handling costs from to the Philippines (which btw. also likely includes an import fees deposit), you will need to put the items into the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. It is the very last step before payment where all the final fees are being displayed. This is totally safe and will not charge your credit card before finalizing your purchase.

      Hope it helps. Thanks!

  7. David hello
    I need to replace a PC and a laptop. Both must have QWERTY English. have limited stock compared to Please can you advise?

    • If you are buying the keyboard separately for a desktop PC, it will be easy to find. For notebooks it’s true you have much less inventory.

      In the “Descriptif technique” section of the product page most have “Description du clavier AZERTY (clavier français)”. So I would do a search of the product with QWERTY. If no stock, could be easier to get it from the UK store.

      And do note that US and UK keys can be different.

  8. I am trying to order on Amazon fr. The last time I ordered I was living in the u.k. Now I am living in France. I have tried to access my account but cannot remember my passwords. I have tried several times but with no luck. Can you please help.
    Thank you,

    • Sure, on the login page there is a link ‘mot de passe oublié‘ next to the password field – meaning ‘forgot your password”. In the next window, enter your account email address and choose ‘continuer‘. Does that help? Thanks.

  9. I am looking for an order placed on 8/11/2016 for 3 DVD plus a DTK charger, I have not received this package, it was part of another order it was to be delieverd by, this is the second time this has happened, I am very unhappy with your service.

    • I am sorry to hear that William. Seeing that this has already happened before — how did you resolve this last time? What happens if you contact support?

      And please, no “shouting” — had to convert your comment to lower case.

      • Sorry for not being able to assist you as I have no affiliation with Amazon whatsoever. I was hoping that perhaps knowing more details about your issue could help others with similar situations, or someone might be able to help you with a more helpful answer. I hope you find a solution — and I do appreciate your input, thanks.

  10. My daughter, son in law and three grandchildren live in France. I would like to purchase Amazon gift cards for them to use in France. I purchased gift cards from Amazon USA for them last year and it was very difficult for them to use them. Hjow can I jpurchase gift cards from Amazonfr

    • OK. So if you have an US account already, you can use it to login to and make the purchase through there. And as suggested in this post, you can have the pages automatically translated with Chrome if necessary.

      I checked for you and looks very straight forward. You can just write “gift card” into the search box in English and the first result “chèque-cadeau à envoyer par e-mail” was to send a gift card by email — and you can choose the date on which it will arrive to their mail box. The second option “carte cadeau dans un coffret” was to send a physical card in a present box by snail mail (includes free shipping).

      Hope this helps & thanks for asking!

  11. is it possible to obtain help in English to order some gift cards for My French/American family living in France. I do not want to change my browser just for a one time order.

  12. I know almost no French. I still managed to put together an order for my niece in Paris. However both cards have been rejected. The information, last 4 digits, expiration, date, and and cvv number are all correct. However, the site is indicating that there is a problem. I have been very careful in matching these numbers but to no avail.

  13. Thank you so much Amazon France, I received Box Set Madigan 3 days earlier than estimated which should have been Saturday 17th December, well packed, and already seen 2 episodes. Absolutley delighted. Found it hard to reply to your E-Mail, thinking of buying a French/English Dictionary to encourage me to start learning French.

  14. I have lost my kindle and am about to replace it. Is it possible to get the books I have already bought from amazon put on my new Kindle and if so how do I do this.

    • Sure. You can download all previously purchased ebooks from other devices that are logged in with the same Amazon account (it’s done in a similar way to purchasing a book with your Kindle, except free). The download limit should be 6 devices per book. And thanks for asking!

  15. Hi I want to order a dvd La Jument verte (The green mares nest) from the French amazon store but need to know if the dvd has English subtitles. Can you tell me how I can obtain this information. thank you

  16. hello
    I have a 4-5 year kindle fire,bought in the us
    I am using a micro usb phone charger on it
    the problemis that this charger fits a little loose,so not easy to get an orange charging one soplugged charger with the usb cord plug resting on a book,so far the light has been on for an hour.would a kindle usb plug be a better fit-not sure what to do,aren’t micro usb plugs all the same.should i buy one from amazon France?

  17. Hi
    I am trying to access my amazon fr. account which have had for years. My password will not work so I ask for a new one and am sent a code which when I enter it, says it is invalid. All I want is to make a new password! Any ideas please?!!!!!!! I am tearing my hair out!

  18. I am a U.K. customer Can I Buy a dust extractor from the U.K. site and have it delivered to France ?? if so how urgent Bill J.R

  19. I am from the USA and my daughter is living in France. I was hoping to buy her gifts for Christmas from Amazon France but when I go there everything is written in French. I don’t speak French, so can you help me? Is there somewhere it is written in English?

  20. It has been an exhausting & stressful experience trying to purchase a Christmas gift for the first time ever on-line!
    What initially appeared ordered & ready to be delivered 20-21 dec, was a short while later not so!
    I had an e-mail to say my account (newly set up) was “verrouillé” (suspended). The suggestion to go into my account & follow instructions to supply further data regarding payment method, proved impossible, for having entered ID & password my account could not be accessed (équipe spéciale de compte to be consulted!)
    I tried to answer the e-mail, but it was returned “failed”!
    I tried a no., but it was no longer in use & the no. I was relayed to then gave me yet another number!
    I called upto 5 times being cut off in the process by the agent!
    The last person I spoke to appeared helpful & took my details and my telephone numbers. She said she had sent an e-mail to the security team, who would call me to find a solution and also contact me via e-mail!
    It is 2 days on & unlikely that the gift I ordered will arrive by Christmas?!
    Nobody has contacted me!
    I am unable to cancel my order & account!
    It has been very distressing, as I have no other means of ordering a surprise gift, and I will most likely never use the service again or even recommend it!

    I ask simply that somebody please contact me to rectify this situation one way or another!

  21. To Whoever can help me! I have had an account with Amazon – both in the United States, France and the U.K for many, many years now. Unfortunately, since Yahoo sort of went down the drain and sold out to Verizon, my previous email address no longer exists anywhere. It just vanished without a word.

    Now, all of a sudden, when I try to order from, it won’t take my email address, which is the one I am currently using since it is the only one that Yahoo recognizes. I have have had two foot operations in the past couple of months so I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon as I was staying in a Maison de Repose. I am back at home now and Amazon doesn’t recognize me. When I try to open a “new” account, it replies that I already have an existing account. Could you please help me sort out this problem? I would be most grateful.

  22. my order…..annulled 6/2/2022 for 329.89 euros ref commande 406-4666423-1586715
    Amazon fr.needs to be reimbursed (5 +6 = 11 jours).
    See my communication of today with Negozioreale…..confirmation of annulation & Amazon fr responsible for reimbursement.I will check my account with Wise tomorrow.
    Thank you for attending to this matter.

  23. My account was debited with 49 euros on 18 February for a years subscription to Prime. I do not wish to subscribe to Prime and cancelled the subscription on 22 February. I would therefore be pleased to receive a refund.

  24. Ooooo next would be a place where we who have Amazon Prime with could share films we’ve discovered that are in English or have English subtitles!!!


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