Spanish in English! — The Easy Spain Shopping Guide

So many times, has been useful for doing easy shopping in Spain, as well as for buying Spanish goods from abroad. Struggling with Spanish language though, has not been that convenient until I discovered that in 2019, you can use the Spanish Amazon store almost entirely in English!

Click here for in English Spain English

When the Spanish Amazon opened it’s virtual doors in 2011, we didn’t think much. Now it’s one of the biggest online stores in the country, with the convenience of free & fast home delivery and highly competitive prices. Call me lazy if you want! But for me personally, going through shops trying to ask for something in Spanish is a thing of the past.

The login page on might look daunting for example, but we can make it look more like how it’s on the version of the store.

The way we can convert ALL of the pages to English, depends on which web browser you are using. Usually, there is a browser add-on or extension, that enables a feature which automatically translates each page.

Be warned, that most add-ons are not suitable for the task. See the list below for easy instructions on the best way to do it for each browser!

Mozilla Firefox

Currently the only add-on for Firefox that can translate each page automatically is S3.Google Translator. Installation is under a few clicks of a button. You will see a small “S3” Google logo in the corner where you can set translation options.


Google Chrome comes with a ready translation feature. Either it gives you an automatic pop-up
window which suggests you to translate the page to your browser language. Or you can set controls with the little icon in the top right corner.

Please note, that this feature is only enabled when the page language is different than the browser language.

If you have any questions, I suggest you contact Amazon help desk. The staff there not just speaks great English, but they are extremely helpful as well.

I mainly use these two browsers to do my shopping in Spain, but I will add instructions for other browsers if I find any. But as you can see, it is not very difficult. Despite the store not supporting an English language option officially, any nationality from any country is most welcome to open an account and make purchases. As long as international shipping is supported for the product.

I hope this guide helped to explain how to use in English and I always welcome new suggestions. Enjoy finding interesting products, and do be careful not to shop too much! 🙂

I’m more than happy to answer questions on the Spanish Amazon site.
Just fill in the comments field below this post..!

Thank you for reading, David.

Caring is sharing.. thank you! -David

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  1. I would like to know HOW we contact Amazon es ??? my parcel has not arrived
    and finding it difficult to get any sort of help!


    • Sorry to hear you are having problems with your order. Please follow these instructions and let me know if you can get through to their help desk.

      First use this direct link to the Contact page. And make sure that you are logged in to the account you made the order with.

      First choose the order that has the issue, under “Pedido realizado”. In section two, you would have the option “¿Dónde está mi pedido?”, meaning where is my order. Or choose the option for help in English.

      In the third part you can choose contact method of online chat, telephone or email. Hope this helps!

    • The courier service in Spain is on a par with the dark ages its hopeless. I have had so many problems with couriers in SPAIN with both Amazon and ebay. And have had to close my EBAY account as my last parcel just did not arrive and they refuse to refund me. As the courier stated they had made the delivery. Its time they both got a grip of the couriers. I would try customer service Amazon UK they do sometimes help out ex pats. Tom.

      • Hi Tom I’m an expat new to Spain in Valencia really need household bits second hand jeep furniture garden stuff the list goes on what do you suggest as I’m worried use eBay or Amazon es now ?

        • Hi Laura, I too am new to Valencia region, been here exactly one week. I’m just about to go to a second hand shop. Whereabouts are you?

        • Hi Laura,
          I have lived in Spain (Rural) for 12 years and I use both Amazon.UK and I can honestly say I have never had a problem with delivery, we live in a very small village in the Ayora Valley, Valencia province) and our house is on the outskirts of the village. The drivers will ring me if they cannot find the house and I meet them at the farmacia. The service is really good and complaints have been dealt with very rapidly. Try them, I am sure you will be surprised.

        • Try BUYING here in Spain at a RASTRO. Unless you live on a main road. The couriers make no attempt to deliver if your live off the main road / or out of town.

          • I have live in rural Spain for three months now and have ordered from Amazon UK never had a problem with delivery they leave packages at our local town hall where we pick up our post from. At times the delivery driver has rang us and we have arranged to meet them at the local bus stop. No problems at all.

    • It’s under “Mi cuenta” –> “Mis pedidos”. For easy access, see this direct link to Amazon order history page. Also see image below for details in Spanish.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • I have been debited 9.99 on my account. have been in touch with amazon uk who say it is who have debitedmy account. can you help or tell me where to go?
        I have had no problems with deliveries. live in Valencia region

  2. My account says I am a prime member, I did click for the free 30 day trial, but since finding it gives me nothing at all in Spain, I want to cancel before they take an annual fee, I have followed the instructions for cancelling but cannot find anywhere to cancel

    • Hi Eileen. If the cancellation doesn’t work. I would suggest to ask them to do it manually for you. Just go to -> Ayuda -> ¿Necesitas más ayuda? -> Contáctanos -> 1. Otra cosa -> 2. Would you like some help in English?

    • If you require that everything is in English language, your only choice will be to live translate the content. As instructed above. There are no “English accounts” in existence. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Thanks for the post. It should have been obvious to me, but it did help me leave some good feedback for a new product I received here in Spain. Te lo agradezco.

  4. I have purchased in UK amazon fireTVstick.
    I’m in Spain and have connected the device to my TV and register it.
    It will not work.If I open a new amazon account in Spain and use my Spanish home address will this work.I have Internet in my home in Spain.
    Thank you.

    • I’m afraid it looks like the Amazon Fire TV Stick purchased from UK will only work in United States, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Austria & Japan. You would most probably need to purchase a new device.

        • I did not know that. To explain to others, basically you need to connect to the internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server in the UK. So that it looks like you are physically located in the UK while actually you are sitting on your couch watching Amazon Prime in Spain. And setting up VPN is really easy.

          For those interested, see my instructions for ——>> Easy VPN to get up and going in no time.

          Thanks for the tip!!

      • If you get a friend in England to set it up first in the UK and then use a VPN/DNS server to hide your spanish internet address it will then work OK, but the initial set up needs to be done in the UK first, hope this helps. A VPN account can be purchased online for around $20-40 annually, I use Cactus VPN, with a Roku box but have also tested a firestick for a friend and it was OK.

    • Hi Jill–I have a weird question. 🙂 I’m looking for someone in Spain to purchase a puppet for me off of Ebay Spain and then ship it to me in the United States! The Spain Ebay seller will not respond to my inquires(though they are in Spanish)…I offered to try to work out having the item picked up but I cannot even pay due to all United States buyers are blocked from any purchase. I desperately need this puppet for my Kindergarten class to complete a Sesame Street set that I am using to teach letters, etc. Do you have a Spain Ebay account? Would you be willing to purchase the item? I would of course pay the seller and pay YOU for your time and also reimburse for postage. I know this is crazy–if you’re not interested would you know someone in Spain that may be willing to help me?? I would be SO GREATLY APPRECIATIVE and so would my class!! Thanks in advance for any consideration. 🙂 Please respond as soon as possible….i’m a safe mom/teacher who just needs some good samaritan help!! Thanks again! Advice is welcomed.

      • Hi Rebecca, I will help you get the item you want I am an Englishwoman living n Spain with my Scottish husband . You can contact me by email at : [edited]
        I am happy to help you if I can.
        Joan Ramsag

        • That’s very kind of you. For your security — I’ve edited out the email address and forwarded it directly to Rebecca. Thanks.

  5. I just bought a video game on and first time I have ordered from They use I-parcel to deliver to the USA. I kept reading bad reviews on I-parcel. Do you know if I-parcel is unreliable or not from your experiences?

    • Potentially longer delivery times and less accuracy in tracking the package. Other than that, I would trust them and think they can be reliable enough.

      • No, i-parcel really suck. Pretend delivery attempts followed up by ridiculous excuses. I will be diversifying away from amazon if they can’t solve their courier problems.

        • Obviously people have different experiences but I understand that there are problems that are well worth the attention or diversion. Thanks for your input.

  6. I ordered a item from amazon when details sent it had the wrong address I have tried to correct this in all ways even with correos using tracker number please can you tell me best thing to do

  7. Hi David
    I ordered something via but an old order, I thought had been deleted also went through and was charged later. I thought I had cancelled the unwanted order and refund were in process but I discovered today that although a refund went into my account, more money went back out again, including a repayment for the wanted item. So I’ve paid twice for the thing I want. I have been in touch with the vendor who tells me that it is Amazon who took money from my account but I don’t seem able to contact them direct. All the e-mail addresses I have for Amazon are no-reply and bounce back. I’m about €350,00 out of pocket.

  8. Hi I am trying to order 2mtr rope lights with moving colour .I have found them on the English site but it will not let me order.

    • Please, let me know all possibly details so I can try to assist you better. Are you ordering to Spain or outside of the country? Is the item available for international order? What message do you receive, etc?

  9. I am trying Amazon Prime to work on my TV stick it is ok in Uk but not in Spain is there anything I can do to enable me to use it in Spain

    • If it was purchased from the UK. According to to Amazon there is no way you can use that in Spain. You may have to order a new device.

    • Amazon is famous for their dynamic pricing strategy, — the price of millions of products change every day across their online stores. Most popular products are discounted to make it seem like Amazon is cheaper than the competition. While making profit with less popular products that are set to be more expensive. This is called ‘price perception’.

      So the item you are referring to is probably less popular on the store. Which is why setting a higher price for it is not considered to affect ‘price perception’. Meaning that you will think it’s cheap even though it isn’t.

      But as you have found out, this is nothing but a marketing strategy to make you pay more. Amazon has advanced dynamic pricing software that automates this 🙂

    • The Tax Free form is usually validated in the store upon purchase. I have no idea if or how it’s possible for online purchases unfortunately.

  10. We ordered several items most of which came in duplicate. We have returned two of the items but the replacement pads for the equipment have a no returns policy on them so we are unable to seek a refund through no fault of our own. Please be careful when ordering goods from this site as the same thing has also happened to some of our friends.

    • I’m guessing this is with items sold by sellers other than Amazon itself. Good advice though to check the return policy before ordering, thanks for the heads up!

  11. I have ordered several items over the year from Amazon UK for delivery to Spain. In May I ordered a new printer from Amazon Spain, big mistake. As of 1st July I have no printer and I am €277 out of pocket. I cannot find a contact number for Amazon Spain and there is no way to complain about non delivery. I have emailed the courier 4 times and made three phone calls to them. Travelled many kilometers trying to track down the printer without success.
    I now admit defeat. Amazon have had my money and their totally incompetent couriers (SEUR) have lost the printer. as I will get no recompense from this faceless money grabbing company I have cancelled my Kindle Unlimited membership and I am in the process of removing all reference to Amazon from my PCs and putting a block on their emails,
    I never want anything to do with Amazon again.

    • You can contact staff by e-mail, chat or phone easily. Just follow the links like below. Do let me know if you need further assistance. Good luck.

      Ayuda –> ¿Necesitas más ayuda? –> Contáctanos

  12. I am waiting for a delivery from amazon es delivery date 29 June still waiting have emailed phoned spoke to numerous people no hope left, will not order anymore unless they deliver.

  13. How can I contact amazon Spain as I placed my order on 23rd May 2016 and cannot even get an estimated delivery date

    • Look for the link “Ayuda” meaning help, on the top.
      Then follow the links to –> ¿Necesitas más ayuda? –> Contáctanos.

  14. Considering ordering a book and a game (because I want the Spanish versions) from Has anyone successfully used the site to ship things to the US? It seems that all of the comments here are negative. Thanks!

    • A lot of products can be shipped to foreign countries, including Israel. Simply go to the page of the product and it will tell you for each item if it can be shipped or not.
      In Spanish: “Este producto puede enviarse a” can be sent, “Lo sentimos, no podemos enviar este producto a” in read means it cannot be sent.

      To see the total price with costs shipment, I would suggest to register an account with them, add the product to your shopping basket and go to checkout without purchasing the item.


  15. David

    make the whole thing in english for english speakers and spanish for spanish speakers… please. in france I can use english no problem. in Spain, I can’t do the same

  16. Hi David,

    I recently ordered some things from to be shipped to the U.K. The parcel was due to be delivered on the 21st, by AMZN_UK according to the website. It’s not showing as delivered on the tracker yet, which I suppose is better than ‘delivered’ and not knowing its whereabouts, but still no sign of it.

    I have a tracking number, but it’s not recognised by and the Spanish site can’t supply further information. I have emailed them using the English language option as my Spanish is still too wobbly to compose an email using it!

    Is there any way Amazon in the U.K. can help, if the Spanish one can’t?

  17. Hello, i would like to ask if you accept shipping without the card visa, i dont have it. I want to order but it say that it need the card visa number.?

  18. I am a customer with for Kindle books but I live in Spain and would like to order a cordless iron from Help!!!
    Maggie Ellis

    • Hello. If you would actually read the post – it tells you how to translate the website into English. So technically it is even though there is no native support.

      I’m just trying to help people here 🙂 Good luck!

  19. I ordered Easiyo yogurts why is the postage so high. My first order was for about 111€ so i cut the order in half but the postage is still the same WHY.

    • Depends on the sending method, and is it sent by Amazon or the seller. Are all the products from the same seller. And so on. So you would have to be more specific — or contact Amazon support (they speak English). Thanks!

    • Not all but many products are internationally shipped. When searching the store for example, on the left side you have an option: “Envío internacional Amazon Global  Envío internacional Amazon Global”. By ticking that box it will show only the products that support sending to Portugal/International destinations. Thanks.

  20. Hi David, why don’t you put your instructions on Pinterest. You will probably get more traffic.
    I’ve read your history of comments. You’ve opened up a right bag of worms (idioma)

    • Any specific pinboard you recommend Geoff? I am not an active member of Pinterest myself. Thanks so much for the feedback, happy to provide a bag for the worms 🙂

  21. I would like to say that I have been very happy with quality and delivery of goods from Amazon Spain. I have lived in Spain for 13years on the Orihuela Costa.

    • Thanks — really appreciate a positive view on this. Amazon has a high standard of customer satisfaction, one of the best in the world according to a study by ‘ForeSee’. So I’m guessing most people are having good experience 🙂

    • Are you trying to pay with a gift voucher? Are you having the page translated to English? When ordering — the bottom of page has the option “Cheques regalo y Códigos promocionales”, you can enter the code there.

      Let me know more specifics if you need more help. Thanks.

  22. Hi David
    I can·t find anywhere in the help info that tells me how to let Amazon know
    i havn·t received a parcel, my parcel has shown in transit since mid October
    and the tracking number comes up with nothing. Has anyone ever had the same problem

    • Hola! Have you tried the order page — under “pedido realizado” there should be the option for “dónde está mi pedido” (where’s my order).

      There is also the support — check the “necesitas más ayuda” –> “contáctanos” link at the bottom of the “ayuda” page.

      Looks like there are mixed experiences with delivery.. some of the other comments on this post might be useful.

  23. I’m trying to use the 10 euro discount coupon from Amazon when paying, but got this”Ha surgido un problema.
    Lo sentimos, pero el código de promoción que has especificado no se puede aplicar a esta compra.” According to the instruction I’ve purchased over 50 euros. Please help!

    • I haven’t encountered this problem myself, but doing some Googling in Spanish it seems that some have either solved this by contacting support and for others the discount coupon was just not valid for the specific type of product (or products). Sorry for not being able to help further — I hope you can find a solution to this? Do let me know. Thank you.

  24. I’m an avid US Premium customer and with the acquisition of multiple properties in Spain I gave Amazon Spain a try. Lot’s of learning curves given I’m in the Canaries but overall 8 months in I’ve received about half of my items. Never am able to if it’s even shown call in for support and no response from the Market Place sellers. I really hope they get it together as the potential here is so high!

  25. Hi, my kindle has packed up! I purchased it from I tried to buy another from them but they wont send to Spain. If I buy from will I get exactly the same English books that I used to get on the original kindle. I ask because my husband, who is Spanish cant get the same books as I have read in Spanish , on his Kindle. I also read an email from a Brit who said he cannot get the free books on the kindle he bought from I do not want to buy the kindle and find that it is not as good or complete as my original one.Muchisimas gracias.

  26. I think I’ve ordered a Dyson. I gave my Amazon Uk password as wouldn’t accept another, thinking a different password would be needed from Amazon Uk. How do we know if it has been ordered

    • Same login/password across all stores.

      Just go to “Mi cuenta” under your name at the top, and it’s the big yellow button with “Mis pedidos” which takes you to the list of orders and their status. It’s actually the same menu structure with the store.

    • I recently ordered a Macbook from — but they only had them with Spanish keyboards. Doing a search just now I cannot find any PC laptops either (computadora portátil inglés). However the OS language can be set to English on both MacOS & Windows; if you don’t mind the slightly different keyboard layout.

      Otherwise I would order from (sending fees apply).

  27. Thanks David for all the help although studying Spanish would be an even better alternative!! Changed to Chrome and all is very fine.

      • David – is there a way for me to see the site in English without using the google conversion? I have relatives in Spain and so far with no mistakes – but my Spanish is so limited that I’d prefer to order in sh if possible. Thanks,

  28. I will have to add my voice of disapproval with amazon es

    Sent an amazon es cheque as a birthday present to my friend in Spain three weeks ago. The amount was deducted from my account, but he has not received the cheque. No response to my 16 contacts with the help desk. Today, I cannot login to my account. Password reset does not work. A search uncovered this site, and now I know how stupid I am to not research amazon es before giving them 100 euros. For nothing.

    At least it was a brush up on my high school Spanish.

  29. Hello, I just received a message from you that it was impossible to deliver my packah°ge by mail. The most annoying point is, that I´ve been at home all day and now rang my bel. Therefore I´m not very surprised that the package cannot be delivered. I guess it´s the meaning that the people from the Spanish mail have to come to your door to deliver instead of not delivering at all and just say no. one is at home.

  30. How does 1clic work in Amazon es. I have ordered a treadmill the details are all correct but no’buy now’ Has it been automatically orderd. I have not received confirmation of order

  31. Well…. you get what you pay for? Amazon have competitive pricing mainly because they pay no tax on there profits but if want goods cheap and have no moral scruples then Amazon is the answer to your prayer?

    Amazons service in Spain and to the Canary Islands is appalling and contact with for its customers is non existant so don’t bother to waste your time and get angry like millions of others are so don’t get angry… get even

    You can get even with Amazon buy voting with your credit card and never use them again…simple really isn’t it ?

    And hopefully having the satisfaction of seeing them go tits up when they have no customers left??????

  32. Having failed to get a parcel that was supposed to have been delivered yesterday from I have spent hours trying to get an actual customer telephone number or a valid email address to contact them. I just keep going round and round in circles. All the internet information does is keep referring you back to same “old crap”. Does anyone out there have any definitive information.

  33. i have noticed that I am pay a subscription to amazon unlimited? I have not signed up for this and don,t need it . how can I cancel it?

  34. So how is the Amazon help desk contacted, when there is no telephone number? Nor can I find an online CHAT contact. Very frustrating.

  35. I have an Amazon UK account but want to buy some kindle books from Amazon ES. I cannot understand why they are mainly “not available in UK” as they are sent via internet. I know there are some Spanish books on the UK site but really wanted some I had seen on the Spanish site.

  36. Please do something about the non service of Prime Video to my devices.My
    Kindle Fire 2 ,Amazon Fire Stick ans my PC cannot receive prime videos.These devices are all registered ito
    When I try to videos etc a Service Area restriction comes onto my screen,stating,this video is’nt available due to geographical licensing!!!I really don’t see the point of paying for Prime and getting nothing!!
    I have asked you constantly for many months for a solution ,so far all of my cries for help have been ignored!!!
    Amazon is World Wide so why am I having this problem?

  37. Translations

    Success Translation
    Dear Sir I placed an order on Amazon 0n 18th December for delivery on 22nd but nothing has been received by 26th December with no word from Amazon where are the goods? Ken Somerville

  38. Hi I am Denis Walker I won a 500 euro prize on my computer from AMAZON this morning can I spend it in the on line store.There is a timeing clock on the web page do I have to claim my prize before the clock runs out or what.

  39. I have a problem with an order and am looking for advice from in English. I cannot find any method of contact with or the supplier. In the UK Amazon take over the problem and resolve it. There does not appear to be the same support in Spain?

  40. I ordered a fridge from a couple of weeks a go. The Amazon site was showing delivery between 16th April and 21st April. I have waited in all day today, but not only no delivery but until 15 minutes ago the site was still showing 21st April. Then it changed to 21st April to 15th April.
    I want a specific day and time for delivery or the order will be cancelled. I don’t know if you are an official customer service site for Amazon but the message had better get to them or else.

    Keith Halliday
    Order No. 404-8340252-4856365

  41. hello how do I contact as they have taken money from my account without my permission, the money was taken by amazon prime, I do not have amazon prime nor do I want it this is the third time amazon have taken money for amazon prime from my accounts.

  42. I have ordered a item last week still waiting for delivery driver said he could not find address, so we’re is my delivery he phone and told me to contact you

  43. I loved Amazon a few years ago, but have found them less and less reliable. And in Spain, where I now live, their delivery often involves my staying home for a full day, which just is not worth it for me. Sometimes they will deliver to my box at the post office. Sometimes not. No explanation.