French in English! — The Easy Shopping Guide

I’ve found the French store a very useful place to shop online when in France, or even abroad for making purchases I cannot make anywhere else. Thankfully, now I can browse the website almost completely in English.

Click here for France English

With affordable international shipping, a wide collection of English language books and just about anything ‘entre ciel et terre’. You would think that the French Amazon has better support for the English language.

However depending on your browser, this should not be a problem at all. All one needs is to transform this familiar looking page for example:

Into a translated English version like this:

The tools needed, really depend on the type of web browser you are using. The essential feature is that the pages are translated live, without interrupting the browsing experience. Which is why most add-ons are not suitable for this purpose.

Google Chrome Instructions

You are in luck. The Google Chrome browser is an easy way to translate a web page with a click of a button. This feature is ready installed, and should suggest to translate pages that are different than your set, native language.

Like demonstrated in this screen shot below:

Mozilla Firefox Instructions

My second favourite, a simple installation of the, “S3.Google Translator” extension. Which when turned on, will show a small icon on the top right corner of the browser. There you can set to “Automatically translate”.

If you ever need help, there is an English language help section to guide you through the steps of ordering from Amazon France. Also, they have helpful English Speaking help desk staff ready to serve you, so I wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

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  1. Dear Sirs
    Is it possible to order GE refrigerator replacing parts thru’ your address in France! our part # are in Amazone USA
    Thanks & rgds

    • It should be possible through, just navigate through the order process with your French address and it will tell you if they support international shipping or not. Thanks for asking.

  2. I have bought a book for my kindle and it hasn’t been received onto my kindle why is this also I can’t speak to anyone for help. My order was placed yesterday it is here be dragons by Sharon Penman I am annoyed about it because I ordered it on the french Amazon on my PC and with no help on this matter. Many thanks
    PS I wanted to get this on the english site but was put straight onto the french one and as I say this book isn’t on my kindle so where is it. Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth. I believe that you need to setup your Kindle device again for if you normally use it on any of the English stores (.com,, .ca). You could check how to do that on the English site, and try to mimic the same together with translation software. You can also contact the support staff in English.

  3. On december 3, 2015, I (Osias Wilenski) bought from amazon fr. the film of Wim Wenders “Jusqu´au bout du monde” It was supposed to arrive to my home about 12/15 of december. As of today (20/02/16) it has not arrived. I have ordered many films from your company, and they´ve always been on time, I wonder what happened to this one.
    I´m willing to buy it again but I think the fair thing is that a replacement copy should be send to me-
    Tank you.

    • Hi Osias. Sorry to hear about that. You can contact the English language support by going to “Aide” in the top, and then “Besoin d’aide supplémentaire” at the bottom of that page, you should now see the link for “Help in English”. They should be able to assist you there. Hope it helps, thanks for asking.

  4. I bought a camera which is unusable in Denmark where I live
    the camera was bought at,uk but sent from France. I can
    read the french address as it is covered by tape. The camera does not
    work in Denmark. So where shall I return it to.

  5. Hello I ordered some product from it was suppose to be delivered yesterday but I still cannot get it, and no email messages, why?