Guide to eBay in Czech Republic & Alternative Auction, Shopping Sites

Here’s everything you need to know about the Czech Republic version of eBay, shipping, auctioning, etc. and other alternative, equivalent sites for Czechs..! Click here for Official eBay for Czech Republic The site intended for customers from the Czech Republic, “eBay global” is one of the most popular e-commerce sites, if not the most popular auction site. There […]

Biological/Holistic Dentistry & How to Find a Safe Dentist in Finland

Here’s how to find a biological dentist (in Finnish: Biohammaslääkäri) in Finland! So called bio-dentistry or holistic dentistry is surprisingly common in Finland, and the use of metal amalgam fillings is nowadays uncommon. While I cannot recommend any specific dental care center in Finland, you will easily find them by searching “biohammaslääkäri” in Google. You can […]