Biological/Holistic Dentistry & How to Find a Safe Dentist in Finland

Here’s how to find a biological dentist (in Finnish: Biohammaslääkäri) in Finland! So called bio-dentistry or holistic dentistry is surprisingly common in Finland, and the use of metal amalgam fillings is nowadays uncommon. While I cannot recommend any specific dental care center in Finland, you will easily find them by searching “biohammaslääkäri” in Google. You can […]

Asus EeeBook X205TA Debian Linux Install Notes

Install notes for a single boot install of Debian on the Asus X205TA (EeeBook). Hardware Used Asus X205TA-B 11.6inch, eMMC 64GB Storage, 2GB Memory USB Wi-Fi adapter: Buffalo WLI-UC-GNM2 (Ralink RT2870 chip) Random 8GB USB stick Micro SD card Random USB sound card Notes Kernel 4.1.6-1 operation is smooth Kernel 4.2.0-1 causes random freezes Links Basic Install Steps Image used: Debian […]