How to Add CSS Class Directly to The WordPress Menu Item Link

In this post I’ll explain how to define CSS classes for WordPress menu items. Let’s say that you want to add a specific CSS class directly to a WordPress menu item link. So for example something like this: <a class=”piwik_link” href=”http://www.domain”>menu item</a> In WordPress there is the “CSS Classes” setting in “advanced menu properties”. Which can […]

How To Automatically Skip Wget SSL Certificate Check

A lot of servers use self signed and cheap SLL certificates. That’s why downloading stuff with wget, you might get this quite a lot: wget –2014-01-01 01:01:01– Resolving (…, Connecting to (||:443… connected. ERROR: The certificate of `’ is not trusted. ERROR: The certificate of `’ hasn’t got a known issuer. In an […]