Process PHP Script in Background while HTML Output & ob_start(); Fix

This is how to display HTML or send a HTTP response with PHP while processing a PHP script in the background, using ‘ob_start‘ output buffering. Here is the code that I am using; ignore_user_abort(true); set_time_limit(0); ob_start(); echo ‘<!DOCTYPE html><body>If this works, you are taken to this page before the rest of the script finishes. Enjoy!</body></html>’; […]

Making Quick Backup of Entire Linux to Remote Host with Rsync

These are my notes on how to do a quick Linux backup with Rsync. In this case, copied all files from Debian to a remote Ubuntu machine. Here is the command line I ended up with and why; rsync -rP / –exclude={“/dev/*”,”/proc/*”,”/sys/*”,”/tmp/*”,”/run/*”,”/mnt/*”,”/media/*”,”/lost+found”} user@remote_host:/mnt/remote_directory The synced directory, in this case / needs to precede excluded directories. I […]

Easy VPN Service! Guided – Simple Client Setup Instructions

As an experienced old VPN user myself — I wanted to introduce a super easy method for friends and relatives, suitable for any total beginner or those who just like convenience. Security is so important that everyone should use VPNs. So here it is, step-by-step VPN instructions below! StrongVPN — Easy setup & simple to use Find out more from the StrongVPN website Besides inexpensive, why […]

StrongVPN Country Locations: List of Countries with VPN Servers

Here you’ll find a sorted and complete list of StrongVPN country locations for all of their available VPN servers in , — to be updated. Note; You can also browse the official countries list under this list. List of StrongVPN Country Locations Europe & Middle East Amsterdam (Netherlands), Canterbury (UK), Contern (Luxemburg), Frankfurt, (Germany), Ilfov (Romania), Istanbul (Turkey), Livingston (UK), London (UK), […]